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31 December 2009

Wednesday Night Ride - Last of the Year

This was going to be my last ride of the year, and I was aiming to hit 550km of riding since Nov 17, when I began. So on this cold and wet night, me and Cavan had agreed to meet up somewhere on the Disney circuit.

I left Mui Wo at 7pm to drive to Tung Chung and Caven began cycling over at 7:40, the idea was to meet up at Disney.

I purchased a couple of ponchos earlier in the day, these where most welcome on this night.

I set of from Tung Chung at a steady pace, not easy when you are by yourself, but the drizzle kept me going.

Cavan had it much harder coming over the hill, wind and rain made the road slippery and dangerous.

I reached the Sunny Bay turn in 24mins and started my first circuit (Sunny Bay-Carpark-Hotel). By the time Cavan had reached the turn I was finishing my second circuit, we met up for one final circuit. By this time we where both feeling tired and very cold, especially the feet. One quick drink break and we headed back to Tung Chung.

Overall I managed 67km in 2h.33m, my furthest so far, Cavan managed about 54km but he had to contend with the hill.

No stopping off for a deserved beer at JK's we headed straight for the big tree noodle shop for some steaming hot "Won Ton" and a cold Heineken to finish the night off.

After tonight's run I have managed 583km since Nov 17

29 December 2009

Monday Evening Ride

Was a cold, damp and windy night, just the two of us Cavan and me headed off from Tung Chung (we must be mad). Keeping a decent pace we managed to get to Sunny Bay within 24 mins, we completed two full circuits (Sunny Bay-Car Park-Hotel) before heading home hoping to beat the rain.

Completed 46km in 1.41 with and Av Spd or 27.1kph

Stopped off at JK's for a wind-down (Heineken) before getting to Mui Wo for a steaming bowl of "won ton" noodles at the big tree.

27 December 2009

Lack of luggage forces food binge

well we landed in UK on 21 Dec after a disastrous flight from Amsterdam. So far no luggage has appeared and it is now 26th. So what does this have to do with cycling? A severe lack of cycling kit to go out biking in, that's what. Although I do now own some new arm warmers, over shoes and hat. Without any kit to wear there is nothing left to do but eat!

26 December 2009

Boxing Day Ride

A tried and tested method of relieving the Christmas excess, a nice early morning ride down the South Lantau Road. Cavan, Danny, Thomas (friend of Cavan) and myself set off at 07:40 (what were we thinking) for a leisurely ride down the South Lantau Road, unfortunately Danny doesn't understand our meaning of leisurely pace so we pushed ourselves to try and keep up with him. Its quite funny, as he cycles along side you talking, you can't reply to any of his questions as you can't breath due to the pace he has set. Anyway we all managed to get to Shek Pik where we had a breather. They decided to head off to the Buddha, but I was going back to Mui Wo as my hip was hurting. I arrived back in Mui Wo 55 mins later with Danny close behind and Thomas and Cavan about 30 mins after me. Well done to them for a quick run up and down the hill.

Out again Monday,for another South Lantau Road run as the weather is good for the time being.

Since November 17 I have ridden 470km, lets see if I can get to 550km by the end of the year.

24 December 2009

Last Ride before Christmas

The usual Wednesday Tung Chung-Sunny Bay-Disney ride with 12 riders making the trip. Was a decent turnout , Was quite warm considering the time of year. Tonight was the quickest run I have been on where I averaged 28km over the 36km ride. By the time we all got back to Tung Chung my legs and chest were hurting.

Merry Christmas all

21 December 2009

Mondays Pre-Christmas Ride

With Glyn away out for a well earned rest (don't eat too many mince pies over Christmas Glyn), Cavan and I decided on the usual Monday morning ride to Shek Pik,

Whilst sitting there coughing away, Cavan suggested we aim a bit further up the road, so we headed off to the junction of Tai O and Ngong Ping

We decided that we still had some "legs" left so we headed up the hill to see Buddha

A quick photo shoot and we headed home. One puncture, a near miss with a metal barrier we safely made it back to Shek Pik, and with heavy legs we cycled back to Mui Wo , for a well earned rest

19 December 2009

Glyn's First 1000 miles done

Who would have believed it. Since August 09, when Petra convinced me to get up of my big bum and go cycling I have now pedaled myself over 1000 miles (1600 km) horizontally and over 4500 m vertically at an average of 22 something kmh. During that journey I have also managed to lose over 20kg. Unfortunately Everest base camp is at 5380m so although I have climed a fair old way I am not even close to getting to the top of the world. Everest itself is 8800m! Still half way there.

17 December 2009

Fair Weather Cyclists

Only seven turned out tonight for the regular Wednesday night ride. It was cold and windy. I decided to wear a windproof jacket (designed for sailing). Not a good idea, despite the cold I was boiling hot and had to ditch the coat in the bushes at Sunny Bay, do the rest of the Disney circuit without it and then pick it up on the way back. Danny & Keith kindly dragged Mark and I around the Disney circuit. We valiantly hung on to their shirt tails. A well earned drink in Jks afterwards where we were educated by someone's odd anecdotes of skateboarding skills on Magazine Gap Road? Go figure.

15 December 2009

Online Cycling log I find this site to be an excellent way of recording my cycling data.

I have opened two accounts, one for my road log and one for my MTB log. Its possible to run more than one bike on one account but I found that combining road and MTB on one data sheet drags the average speeds down. By separating the two styles of riding I can see more clearly any improvements or drop in performance.

I have also opened a group account on the site so that a master log can keep track of any team members who care to contribute. All team data and individual rider's data can also be published on this blog. See links to the right lower.

Anyone wishing to be included in the team account please let me know your email address so i can send an invite.

Tuesday - TC / Disney and back

Petra and Glyn bravely battled the strong headwinds out of Tung Chung to make a quick loop out to Disney. Coming back was certainly much easier than going there!

14 December 2009

Shek Pik and back

Cavan did not make it but Mark and Glyn had an enjoyable ride out to Shek Pik this morning and even contemplated continuing on to the Buddha. The fact we contemplated continuing must be a sign we are getting fitter (or dafter)

12 December 2009

Friday 11 Dec 09

A good gathering for the ride out to Disney. I reckon I counted some 30 riders. A warm night and a little breezy but worth the effort. Amazingly, Millie and Flora spent this afternoon cycling up Pak Kung Au twice and still turned out for the evening run. Well done to them.

11 December 2009

Welcome to the first post to our blog site

The South Lantau Cycle Team is a group of cyclists who cycle for fitness and fun. Although there are one or two who dabble in the darker arts of triathlon and Action / Adventure racing we generally prefer to cycle. Our youngest team member is nine and our more senior members are sixty plus.

Based primarily on the South side of Lantau Island we are limited to two or three roads and routes. Nevertheless those routes provide us with some of the steepest hill climbs and quietest roads in Hong Kong and are well worn training routes by many of Hong Kong's top cyclists. Traffic is light, the roads are reasonably even (unless out near the airport where buses and large potholes abound)but more often than not our biggest and most dangerous obstacles are the wandering buffalo.