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31 December 2009

Wednesday Night Ride - Last of the Year

This was going to be my last ride of the year, and I was aiming to hit 550km of riding since Nov 17, when I began. So on this cold and wet night, me and Cavan had agreed to meet up somewhere on the Disney circuit.

I left Mui Wo at 7pm to drive to Tung Chung and Caven began cycling over at 7:40, the idea was to meet up at Disney.

I purchased a couple of ponchos earlier in the day, these where most welcome on this night.

I set of from Tung Chung at a steady pace, not easy when you are by yourself, but the drizzle kept me going.

Cavan had it much harder coming over the hill, wind and rain made the road slippery and dangerous.

I reached the Sunny Bay turn in 24mins and started my first circuit (Sunny Bay-Carpark-Hotel). By the time Cavan had reached the turn I was finishing my second circuit, we met up for one final circuit. By this time we where both feeling tired and very cold, especially the feet. One quick drink break and we headed back to Tung Chung.

Overall I managed 67km in 2h.33m, my furthest so far, Cavan managed about 54km but he had to contend with the hill.

No stopping off for a deserved beer at JK's we headed straight for the big tree noodle shop for some steaming hot "Won Ton" and a cold Heineken to finish the night off.

After tonight's run I have managed 583km since Nov 17

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