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21 January 2010

Double the distance

Mark and I set off early tonight and managed to make the most of a very balmy evening. A 65km run at a very comfortable pace was achieved without too much effort. The head wind out of Tung Chung was unwelcome; as was the driving skills of the driver of the Discovery Bay bus registration LJ653 who did his utmost to force us off the road even though we were cycling in a line. Ah that also reminds me that on Monday night we were pulled up by PC plod for cycling two abreast.  He stopped us because we were apparently an obstruction to buses.   About four buses an hour use the road and two of them are travelling in the opposite direction.  Anyhow, daft old Sgt plod had pulled us up in the middle of the road and seemed happy to lecture us there on the perils of riding two a breast.  It never crossed his little mind to ask us to move to the layby next to him and out of harms way.  Before he stopped us we were cracking along but now stationary he rambled on about how much of an obstruction cyclists are and lo and behold a dirty great big bus or lorry or something came grinding to a halt behind us,  yep he could not get passed.  Wonder what would have happened if we had been hit.   An interesting police report to read.

I digress, by the time we had completed our fourth and last circuit of Sunny Bay we were caught up by Keith, Danny, Andy and the Koon Wah crew who had been training for the forthcoming road race by cycling behind a pacer motorbike at a less than leisurely 40km.   Apparently they managed to stay the distance from the DB tunnel turn off, up to the end of the Tung Chung service road.  Blimey.

Although we were both beginning to flag by the time we made the fourth ascent up from Sunny Bay we decided we should not be out done and had better make an effort to push harder for the final run back into Tung Chung.   So taking full advantage of a breezy but now following wind and outr less than slipsstreamed  body shapes we upped the pace and found ourselves trundling along in the high 30s and at times low 40s. A quick cup of instant coffee at the 7/11 and then back to the bike shop and home. Will sleep well tonight!

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