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04 January 2010

Monday morning ride

Good to hear that you be here soon Glyn, anyway, thought I would do the Tung Chung - Disney circuit today. As my mountain bike has a few problems with the gears, I can only ride the road bike for now.

Drove to Disney (they offer free parking for annual pass holders) and decided that I would do the circuit back-to-front (Car Park-Hotel-Sunny Bay-Tung Chung Bike Shop-Sunny Bay-Car Park-Hotel-Sunny Bay-Car Park) this took me almost two hours, but the sun was shining and the Kites (birds of prey not the plastic things on string) where out in force around Disney. There must have been about 30 of them across the road from the car park entrance circling and swooping down, must have been something over there that looked good.

Today I managed to cover 49.15km in 1h.51m at an average speed of 26.1kph

Looking forward to Wednesday night.

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