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30 January 2010

Windy - That's about best description of Friday night's ride

Mark and I set off earlier than usual tonight intending to put some serious miles in.   I got as far as the airport where I had to turn back to get my gears sorted out as they were jumping all over the place.   Mark went on and was blown round the airport perimeter one way and then fought his way back.   As I relaxed in the bike shop (Andy was working on me bike) Mark reappeared with what he believed were 17 kms of road covered.   Unfortunately he had not reset his computer after taking it off his mountain bike and had therefore short changed himself as his alleged 17km were on 700c wheels not 26 inchers.   Anyhow after some mental maths we can confirm he made his second week of over 100 miles.

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  1. 6% Differential between a 700x23C wheel and a 26"x1'1/4 wheel