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14 January 2010

A New Direction - Yat Tung Estate and a New Bike too

Not sure what was in the air last night but the regular ride was not to be.   After mooching around the bike shop about ten of us set off for a quick there and back between Tung Chung and Disney then back into Tung Chung and over to the Yat Tung estate for some practice circuits around the loop.     The Yat Tung estate road seems an ideal spot too, with clean, smooth surfaces and one slightly down gradient run and one slightly uphill gradient run.  A perfect place for interval training.

As usual, I set off alone to at least be ahead of the pack for the journey out to Disney etc but was overhauled on the way back about 2km from Tung Chung.   From then on I had no need to look over my shoulder!

Cavan, sporting his new Giant bike and now also some new cold weather clothes was obviously pleased with his investment and vestments but for reasons only known to himself has opted for spectator position rather than pole position for the forthcoming race on 24th.   I say, give it a go Cavan.

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