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28 January 2010

The green eyed monster works its magic

After Cavan's recent acquisition of his Giant and after watching him disappear off over the horizon the green eyed monster suddenly appeared and sent both Mark and I off in search of faster steeds.

Despite severe trepidations I gently announced to my darling wife that I had bitten the bullet, put the horse out to grass, etc., etc., and struck a deal with Andy at Tung Chung Pro Riders on a shiny new bike. A Battaglin 3cime carbon.   Luckily and very gratefully I did not receive the castration I thought I was in for.   Hopefully and not coincidentally the slow demise of my elderly horse appeased her wrath somewhat.

Mark too has been busy with his wallet and has invested in a shiny silver coloured Cannondale CAAD9.  Stepping down, (quite literally) from his earlier Cannondale but most certainly raising the performance bar with the Dura Ace gears and more sensibly sized frame.

Now its time to get used to the new saddles and new fangled gear levers.

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