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07 January 2010

A Welcome Return of Glyn

What a night, cold, windy, wet roads and the return of Glyn after a two week break of eating mince pies.

We turned up at the usual meeting point to find we were the only ones present (fair weather cyclists). After taking what seemed an age to put the bikes together we where ready for the first photo opportunity of 2010

Back to the riding, we, made steady progress to Sunny Bay only to find a couple of early starters (TJ and Andy) on there second loop, we joined them for a quick lop of Disney and decided that it was to cold to keep going.

A steady ride back to Tung Chung followed but Glyn was not feeling to good after the two week break, although he did look good in his booties and stockings. We all managed around 35-36 km's in around 1:25, so not a bad effort considering.

We managed to get to McD's in Mui Wo before they shutf or a well earned burger and tea before heading home for a good nights sleep

Friday we practice for the Criterium on 24th Jan...

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