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12 January 2010

Monday 11th January

Cavan and I have both decided that we are not ready for the Criterium on 24 Jan due to various circumstances, the primary one being that we are not ready (race trained/fit enough) to compete. Coming last is not a problem for either of us, coming last by a lap or two could be a bit embarrassing.

Anyhow, tonight we (Glyn, Cavan and myself) hauled ourselves over to Tung Chung (in the car, not on the bikes) for another late night ride. We decided we would stick to an average speed of 25 tonight as this has been deemed the slow/workout week. It was cold, damp and windy, the wind seemed to be coming from all directions.

A nice gentle ride to Sunny Bay (with head wind, side wind) was followed by two complete circuits (SB-Carpark-Hotel) with an additional Sunny Bay leg tacked on or good measure. We upped the pace a bit on the way back as time was pressing and the wind was biting. We made it back to 7-11 for quick cuppa and then headed back to the car.

Total distance tonight 51.58km in 2h:13m for a slow average of just over 23kp

Total distance cycled since Nov 17 is 799km or 500miles, roll on the next 500

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